We manage an established family business that offers the construction of industrial floors, screeds and decorative concrete. For more than 22 years we have been striving to keep up with the times and offering only the best products by constantly following the newest trends and applying the latest technologies. We regularly participate in various educational programms and fairs all across the world and also organise our own seminars on new construction technologies. We cooperate with all the renowned institutions in Slovenia. We direct undivided attention to every one of your projects and will use our 35 years of experience to help you find the optimal solutions.








Matjaž Strdin / Director of managing SGD STRDIN

Secretary's office (Tatjana Jauk) /

+386 (0)2 61 61 888


Commercial department (Jernej Karničnik) /

+386 (0)31 866 912


Director of managing /

+386 (0)41 65 07 59



     T +386 (0)2 61 61 888    M +386 (0)41 65 07 59    E info@sgdstrdin.si