ASHFORD FORMULA Ashford Formula (AF) is a colorless transparent liquid that protects, preserves and cures concrete floors by effectively penetrating the surface and combining the internal components in the concrete into a hard and durable mixture. Density is increased, making the concrete floor harder and more resistant to moisture. This curing and sealing process can also be accelerated by proper maintenance. The cleaning of AF-treated concrete floors is easy, cost effective and gives the floors a radiant look that only intensifies with every additional cleaning.
Unlike the Ashford Formula, surface coatings are usually subjected to chipping and the formation of inside air bubbles and therefore often need to be reconditioned or even replaced.
AF seals materials based on Portland cement, concrete and other substances into a mixture that is far more compact and thicker than ordinary concrete. In contrast to other surface coatings that are subjected to abrasion, AF penetrates into the concrete itself and closes the pores from within, modifying the concrete into a hard and dense mixture and preventing the absorption of liquids (water, oil and other contaminants).
The Ashford Formula reacts with Portland cement, concrete and other substances, creating a mixture that is much harder than the porous materials usually used in concrete. ABRASION RESISTANCE
The Ashford Formula makes concrete abrasion resistant. Abrasion testing shows that an Ashford Formula treated floor will be 32% harder within the first 30 minutes of treatment. The treated concrete will continue to harden over time.
The Ashford Formula also acts as a supplement to surface and aggregate hardeners. DUSTPROOFS
The Ashford Formula combines with the salts inside the concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus creating a completely dust free surface. This in turn reduces maintenance costs and protects the equipment and manufactured products from dust particles. PERMANENT SHEEN
After a while, concrete floors treated with the Ashford Formula will develop a natural wax-like sheen that will only get more attractive with regular cleaning. The surface is wear- and abrasion resistant and is polishing itself with continuous scrubbing and use. ELIMINATES HIGH MAINTENANCE COSTS
6 to 12 months after applying the Ashford Formula to the mechanically smoothed surface the floors will generate a marble-like sheen that lasts the lifetime of the concrete. This eliminates the need for repeated applications of urethanes, waxes, acrylics and other expensive surface-protecting coatings. Because the Ashford Formula permanently seals concrete, substances such as oil, alkali, free lime and other impurities cannot penetrate the surface. Concrete floors can be cleaned simply with a detergent and a wet mop or floor scrubbing machines. CURES
By slowing down the outward migration of water, the Ashford Formula also acts as a protection for the proper cure of concrete. The chemical reaction makes the concrete denser, which in turn reduces shrinkage and the appearance of common and hairline cracks. FLOORS TRATED WITH THE ASHFORD FORMULA OFFER: - A HIGHER ABRASION RESISTANCE
- NO DUST Since its introduction to the United States in 1947, the Ashford Formula has single-handedly created the concrete densification concept and developed it into a widely accepted and acknowledged industry. Because of its unique and proprietary process for chemical densification, the Ashford Formula has been specified for use to enhance millions of square meters of concrete surfaces worldwide. The Ashford Formula is known around the world as a standard of quality. With just one permanent application, many concrete surfaces are still usable today (after 30, 40, and even 50 years of continuous use), making it a very desirable solution for both the end-users and designers. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
- A few days after the treatment the surface starts to harden and becomes dust free. You can choose between a natural and a faintly shining look of the concrete. Broom finished floors with a rough surface give off a natural concrete look.
- 6 to 12 months after the treatment the floors are not fully sealed yet. Various liquids could penetrate the surface and floors can be susceptible to staining, therefore special care needs to be taken during this period. Scrubbing the floor with a detergent will not only brighten up the surface and remove most of the stains but will also accelerate the sealing process.
- Density and toughness of the concrete will increase. Take special care the floor doesn't get damaged during this initiation period.
- Daily scrubbing can accelerate the development of the marble-like sheen
- 3 to 6 months after the treatment the smoothed surface develops the sheen.
- 12 months after the treatment a hard protecting surface is formed. The process is finished when the result is a moisture-proof and stain-resistant surface. LINK WARRANTY
With 20 to 25 years of warranty, Concrete Distribution, Inc. offers the longest warranty in the industry. Concrete Distribution is confident to back such an offer due to a long tradition dating back to 1940 and the fact that floors treated 50 years ago still look brand new despite long-term wear. The Ashford Formula is not like other surface coatings that are usually subjected to chipping and the formation of inside air bubbles and therefore often need to be reconditioned or even replaced.

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