GRINDING AND POLISHING Refurbishment of concrete surfaces with a HTC grinding and polishing machine does not only make for a splendid aesthetic appearance but also contributes to a friendlier working environment. For optimal results and a perfect sheen up to 7 grinding and polishing sessions are required.

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Application range:
These traits make Altex especially useful in places where it's imperative that no shrinkage occurs and that the final hardness is achieved as fast as possible (udergrouting of machines, crane rails, anchors, various repair works, thin resurfacing of concrete floors). Additional information: *Panbex *modified polymer mortar made with a recipe by the Irma Institute RESURFACING *Novit 10
Polymer cement mortar for the repair of damaged concrete floors with a layer of 5-20 mm. *Altex
This non-shrink grout is a dry mix of cement, special sands (0-1,5 mm, 0-3 mm, 0-7 mm) and chemical substances with a high expansion and plastification rate that offers easy placement. Mortars expand until they fully solidify. For creating a nonshrink grout with a granulation of 0-16 mm we can add 25 - 30 weighted particles of granulate 8-16 mm to Altex 0-7. 
Preliminary tests are recommended! On request we can also prepare micro-reinforced Altex mixtures with polymer fibers. CONCRETE MAINTENENCE AND REPAIR